Spring is one of my most two favorite seasons in the year (the other being fall). After a long cold winter, it brings a newness and a since of hope with it. I love to see the longer, warmer days evolve, the grass to slowly green up and the flowers start to bloom.  And I might be a little crazy and most people may not agree with me, but I also like when Daylight Saving begins and the days are longer.  Yes there is that adjustment period after the time change, but ultimately in the long run it is worth it.

This time of year you will find me Spring cleaning, opening the windows on a good day and starting to plan the garden for Summer.

Share with me your favorite part of Spring. What traditions do you have? What are you most looking forward to this time of year?


Published by shallynm

I found love for a second time at 45! With that my family size doubled and now I am getting ready to be a first time Grandma. This blog is here to share ideas about savings, travel, celebration ideas, family, food and wine.

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